Residential Electrician Services in Lethbridge, Alberta

Residential Electrician

Services in Lethbridge, Alberta

Residential Electricians you can trust – guaranteed


Our clients call us because they want work they can trust. We only use quality parts and fixtures that we feel confident in putting our name behind. And, we back it up with highly trained technicians you can count on. Quality parts plus quality electricians means you’re getting the best of the best.

Customer Satisfaction

In a community like Lethbridge, the best advertising is word of mouth. That’s why we work hard to make sure our service meets and exceeds every customer’s expectations. With courteous, timely electricians and reliable work, we are proud of everything our customers say about us.


With Midland Electric, you’re not just hiring an electrician. You’re getting work backed by industry-leading guarantees. From the quality of our work to the timeliness of our technicians, we guarantee your satisfaction. That’s service you can rely on.

Looking For An Electrician In Lethbridge?

When everything’s going wrong, the last thing you need is to deal with contractors who don’t care about you or your home. Call Midland Electric today to speak with an electrician who is as respectful and trustworthy as they are professional and hardworking.

Residential Electrical Solutions in Lethbridge

We go beyond new home wiring. At Midland Electric, our technicians can handle  everything, from fixing a power switch to wiring an entire house from start to finish to upgrading your power system to solar. But we don’t stop there. We back up all our work with industry-leading guarantees you can trust.

We provide the following services, and more:

Residential Electrical Inspections

Just because you, or your home inspector, can’t see the problem, doesn’t mean it’s not lurking behind the walls. Our licensed and certified electrical inspectors go the extra mile to seek out issues and make sure your electrical system is up to modern demands. Don’t let small, electrical faults cause you headaches. Get the information you need to make the right decision with a thorough electrical inspection.  Midland Electric offers:

  • Electrical inspections and code corrections
  • Home electrical safety inspections
  • Troubleshooting inspections 


Make sure your wiring is up-to-date and reliable with our professional electricians who wire and rewire:

  • Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) and Arc fault circuits
  • Garages and shops
  • Home automation, networking and integration
  • Hot tub, spa and jacuzzi
  • Outdated electrical systems
  • Surge protection

Electrical Upgrades

Looking for the latest and greatest? We can help.  Midland electric helps you upgrade your home with:

  • Renovations and new construction
  • Kitchen and bath remodels
  • Home standby generator sales

Electrical Installations

With our quality installations, we make your life easier. Our licensed and certified electricians always install high-quality components to make sure your fixtures, plugs and devices are reliable. Let us help make your Lethbridge home brighter, safer and up-to-date with the latest equipment.

  • Panel changes, relocations and upgrades
  • Child tamper-resistant outlet installation
  • Dimmer switch installation
  • Speaker and home theatre installation
  • Motion-activated lighting control
  • Ceiling fans and ceiling lighting
  • Wireless lighting and fan controls
  • Bathroom exhaust fan installation
  • Light fixture and plug/switch 
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation 
  • Low-voltage lighting
  • Voice / data / TV cable installation
  • Home standby generator installation
  • Outdoor and landscape lighting

Electrical Repairs & Replacements

Unfortunately, dealing with an electrical contractor can be more of a pain than your electrical problems. But with Midland Electric, we guarantee not only the quality of our work, but the quality of our electrical technicians, too. We treat you and your time with respect because we know the best advertisement is a happy customer! Don’t wait until it’s unsafe to fix those pesky electrical issues. We repair or replace faulty equipment and lighting, keeping your home and your loved ones safe.  Midland Electric troubleshoots and repairs:

  • Panels
  • Voice / data / TV cables 
  • Ballast and bulbs
  • Circuit breakers
  • Light fixtures and switches

Our 3 Guarantees

Quoted Price Guarantee

We give you options for solving your electrical problems. Then you can make an educated decision, so we can provide you with a full quote, up-front. That quoted price is what you pay unless you authorize additional work.

Courtesy Guarantee

We do everything we can to make sure our electrical technicians are friendly, neat and on time. If one of our residential electricians smokes, uses profanity on your property, or is not drug-free, you do not pay. If we’re late for our appointment window, even by one minute, we’ll send you two free movie tickets! Plus, we always call 20 minutes before we arrive to let you know we’re on the way to your property.

1-year Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with every service we provide. If during the next year you experience a failure of any equipment our residential electrician installed or serviced, and the malfunction was a result of our workmanship, we’ll fix it for free.